Have you been pushing your business to the side because life gets in the way?
Are you ready to make your ongoing or budding business a priority but not sure where to begin?
Do you wish you had an experienced partner who knows how to grow your business? 
Are you working way too hard and not getting the traction you hoped for?
 Maybe you have been brainstorming a business idea and don't how to get it off the ground?

You're not the only one

Many women who work as entrepreneurs, running their own business feel like they are working too much and not seeing enough growth. The benefits of working for yourself are huge but the pitfalls are challenging and often cause women to give up too soon. Working all the time on everything never feels good and often nothing gets fully completed or done correctly. There are gaps in your business because you don't have trusted experts you can tap into as needed, or maybe you don't know how or who to ask.  You may be questioning your next move, feeling less confident about stepping things up because it is new to you and you don't want to make costly mistakes. Balancing the many things that tug on a woman's time like family or maybe another job, all of which may contribute to your business not getting the attention it needs to thrive. 

I meet my clients where they are in their business. I work with women who are ready to see their businesses grow and do what it takes to make things happen. We work together to increase profits and develop a plan that reduces stress and reminds you why you wanted this business in the first place. Would't it feel great to have someone cheering you on as you make progress, always having your back and an idea for the next step. Accountability is a huge asset to staying on track and seeing the momentum of a growing business.

Life management is all about making better choices with the priorities you decide at the forefront. Start choosing yours. 

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Working together, I will offer new perspectives, tons of ideas and help you recognize your strengths, define your business goals, and keep your focus on your growing business. 

Do you love being a "solopreneur" but wish you had a few officemates? 
Are you a woman who takes her work seriously and wants to uplevel her "game"? 
Do you wish you took more time for learning and kept more current on new business trends? 

This group of women can be all of that and more. As a coach my practice focuses on supporting women launching, running and growing businesses.

Are you a woman looking to grow your business? 
Trying to connect with like-minded people?
Here is an opportunity to work on your most pressing business challenges and get expert advice!

A group of peers (women in business) committed to growth, learning, sharing and building momentum. I will facilitate and participate in these groups, share my coaching expertise, help you develop new skills and habits and provide insights that will sustain business growth. 

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I use social media thoughtfully. I still prefer the old fashioned way to connect through a phone call, a coffee date or a handwritten note or email.

Let's set up a time to chat and see how working together can uplevel your business.



Consider joining a MasterHerMind Group filled with women committed to growth, learning, sharing and building momentum.