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Taking the time to gain clarity about what you want. To share ideas with other women who also want more in their lives is worth it... invest in yourself!


Here is an opportunity to work on your most pressing business challenges
and get expert advice! This workshop will allow all the participants to work on their own businesses and see what it is like to be part of a MastHERmind group and be coached by me. Everyone leaves with action items and new ideas they can immediately apply to their businesses.

The MastHERmind program gives women with existing and budding businesses an opportunity to obtain expert advice on their most challenging business issues. A panel of experienced women business owners will share their best biz tips. The power of the group becomes your trusted "tribe" sharing referrals, new ideas and an accountability partner, making sure your business goals are being met. New groups are always in formation.Each MastHERmind group has four women plus me. We talk via ZOOM (video call) monthly. Convenient call times are determined by the group. New groups are always forming.

Ladies in Biz Book Club

Do you love being a "solopreneur" but wish you had a few officemates sometimes? Are you a woman who takes her work seriously and wants to uplevel her "game"? Do you wish you took more time for learning and kept more current on new business trends? This group of women can be all of that and more. As a Business Development coach my practice focuses on supporting women launching, running, growing businesses. The books we read will  generate interesting discussions and you will always leave with new skills and habits to help you show up your best. There is amazing power when women come together to learn. Different women join in each time, new groups are always in formation.

Vision Board Canvas Workshop

A VISION BOARD Canvas is a way to sell your own ideas to yourself, to anchor yourself to your dreams, and to allow the magic of manifestation to work in your life.  Visualization doesn’t come easy to all of us.  While we all can list off the things we don’t want for our lives, getting specific about the things we do want can sometimes be a challenge. Having this canvas where you can see it often, provides you with a reminder of what your goals are and what you are working towards on a daily basis. 

Click here to contact me with questions.  For upcoming workshop schedule, select tabs below. This program can be tailored to a business workshop, birthday celebration or group you create as well.

What people are saying

"The book group was so thought-provoking I walked away with tons of new ideas for my business and met really nice women. Looking forward to next month!"

"The MasterHERmind has been a game-changer for me, I feel like I work in an office filled with amazing, smart, generously helpful women. It has made me remember why working alone is not fun."