HAPPY CUSTOMERS are worth the effort.

Client Retention – 3 Tips To Retaining Your Best Customers  

 In your industry, you share the market of potential customers with your competitors who offer similar products and services. To retain your clients and land more business, you seek ways that you can separate from the pack.

Keeping your clients satisfied with your services and solutions is your priority. But what else can you do to demonstrate how much you value their business? Here are three best practices to help you stand out with your favorite customers.


Be mindful of milestones and use them as opportunities to connect with your clients. Whether it's a birthday, the anniversary of doing business with you or more of a personal life event, i.e., marriage or a new baby…acknowledge it. Make a phone call, send a congratulatory email or send a professional gift. By taking the time to recognize milestones, you demonstrate to your customers that you have a general interest in connecting with them. It becomes less about selling something and more about relationship building. Social media provides us with a more personal view of our customer’s lives, use it to your advantage.

Thank You Cards

In today's digital marketplace, the handwritten thank you card has almost become extinct. This makes it a more appreciated gesture. Take the time to hand write a card or note to thank your clients. You can also send a card to a new customer, welcoming them to your program. Send a note to a long time customer thanking them for their continued partnership. Everyone enjoys a thank you, and it's never a bad time to send one. It is so easy to have your company logo printed on a notecard and include a gift card to a coffee shop, then reach out to make the coffee date.


Let's do lunch! If your clients are local, don't be afraid to ask them to lunch. Even if they decline to attend, they will appreciate the offer. If they do accept, you now have a captive audience to build your business relationship. Buying lunch shows your appreciation and allows for an opportunity to discuss business objectives. This might be the extra step your competitors won't be taking. Learning more about what matters to your customers and the challenges they may be facing gives you real opportunities to provide the solutions they need.

By taking the extra time to follow through with these tips, you'll be showing your core clients that you appreciate their partnership with you. It demonstrates that you care about the details of their businesses and ultimately, them. Going the extra mile can be the unique gesture you need to help retain your best customers. Reach out to me and we can chat about countless other tips on implementing retention strategies for your business. My monthly newsletter is filled with best practices for businesses.

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Andrea Silvershein