Tips on Getting Great In One Business, Not Marginal At Many

If it's one thing women know how to do well, it's how to take on the world. We can multi-task like champions and juggle responsibilities of work and home without blinking. We often strive to be our best at everything we tackle. This mentality sometimes applies to our business endeavors.  In business, less is more and niche is king. Let's get serious about one business venture and put our best foot forward. Here are three tips to help navigate your efforts.

Separating Hobby From Business

You're talented, and we know it. You have multiple attributes and may feel you need to tap into all of them for profit. By all means, don't stop pursuing what makes you happy. But for the sake of a business venture, only pick your very best passion. Everything else is a hobby. Choose that one thing that brings you joy and challenges you, and own it. This is the only way to develop expertise and gain credibility-critical when you put yourself out there and talk about your business.

Understanding Your Motivation

Sometimes we take on multiple projects and ventures because we need the money. Other times we take on more than we can handle because we're overcompensating for not feeling accomplished. If you're looking to fill a void, be prepared to abandon one of your projects. You're not seeing any of them to fruition. Trim the fat and focus all your efforts on one project. Devote your energy to developing one to completion. You'll find when you fill the void and build confidence, You will be able to enjoy those other projects on a part-time basis and not expect them to be anything more than enjoyment.

Don't Spread Too Thin

Probably the biggest pitfall to juggling multiple business projects is you're spread too thin. Meaning, there's only so much of your greatness to go around. If you're trying to operate two or three business ventures successfully, you'll find yourself exhausted, overwhelmed and scattered. You could be confusing your customers. Confused customers never buy. If you're spread too thin, you can't 'show up' for any of your businesses. Recognize that if you find yourself at this point, you're not excelling at any of them.

Again, know your efforts don't go unnoticed. Remember to keep perspective. But in business, be fabulous at one business venture, not average in multiple ventures. You'll find success will come swiftly and justly. Don't be afraid to ask for help in sorting out your projects. A confused customer never buys. For coaching and mentoring on your next step, contact us!

Andrea Silvershein