3 Strategies to “Lean-In” This Spring as a Mom and Entrepreneur

Share more of the household and child-rearing duties with your spouse, so that you can work on your business.

Share more of the household and child-rearing duties with your spouse, so that you can work on your business.

It's hard balancing the challenges and priorities of being a mother with those of a successful entrepreneur.  Yet, as the spring nears, now is a great time to take stock of your career and household and "lean-in" so that you can achieve the necessary balance to excel both as a mom and as a fierce business owner. 

Here are three strategies for moms to "lean-in" this spring and take your business to the next level:

1. Get your internal house in order

Start your spring cleaning early this year and make sure you have the right mindset to realize your business vision.  Raise your expectations and surround yourself with the necessary peer group, tools and educational influences to achieve your entrepreneurial objectives.  More importantly, don't let those inner voices sabotage you with misguided fears or false assumptions.     

2.  Think differently about yours mentors

Take ownership of your entrepreneurial ventures by seeking guidance from people with the insight to address specific issues that are holding your business back.  Find the right people who possess the expertise to help you take the next step in raising your entrepreneurial profile while maintaining your home life.

3.  Sharing is caring

Engage your spouse, friends and family members by openly communicating how and where you need them to step-up and share more of the household and child-rearing duties so that you have the necessary time to cultivate your business.  Don't let feelings of guilt hold you back from asking for help, realize the necessary work/life dynamic for success both at home and for the bottom line of your venture depend on things shifting. It is never too late to change the playbook rules.

If you are looking for more insight on how to strike the right balance between being a mom and an entrepreneur or are seeking the right type of mentor to address the specific needs holding your business back, contact me here.   

Andrea Silvershein