Taking the Next Steps in Exploring Your Business Idea

Flesh out your ideas by thinking it all through and writing it all down.

Flesh out your ideas by thinking it all through and writing it all down.

Taking the Next Steps in Exploring Your Business Idea

You have a business idea. Perhaps it's an innovation in your current field. Maybe it's knowledge gained from a pastime or hobby. It could even be a nagging feeling that it's finally time to consider working for yourself. However it arrived, an inspirational moment is exhilarating, but it can also be intimidating. What should you next?

Believe your idea is worth considering. 

For too many of us, that initial enthusiasm that accompanies a new business idea ebbs before we've given it real consideration. There are a variety of reasons why we don't pursue our dreams, but the biggest among them is a fear of failure. For information on Steven Aldrich's inspiring TED talk about this subject, and his argument for why we shouldn't allow our fears to hinder us, click here.

Flesh out your idea.

Once you've accepted the notion that you ought to at least give full voice to your inspiration, get brainstorming. Think it all through, and write it all down. Clarifying your thoughts on paper is a significant first step that involves little risk and can help you begin to fill in the blanks in your plan.

Prepare yourself for the work ahead.  

Thomas Edison famously said, "genius is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration." While this an easily grasped truism, perhaps less-known, is how deeply Edison adhered to this principle, and how essential it was to his success. When his factory caught fire, and while it was burning to the ground, he quipped that, "we just got rid of a lot of rubbish," and "we'll start rebuilding tomorrow." He even had the presence of mind to have someone pick up his wife and bring her to the factory so she could witness the fantastic spectacle. For the full details of this incredible true story, and how it was a moment that helped launch Edison to his pinnacle, click here.

While no one hopes to be faced with such adversity, we must keep in mind the fact that finding the joy in working hard, facing challenges, and forging our own destinies is necessary for success. 

Get the help you need.

Whether you need to find a safe place to speak your dreams out loud, or a venue to bounce ideas off of other successful business professionals, contact me to learn more about how we can help you explore your business ideas and determine your next steps or give you an excellent referral.