Finding Work-Life Balance as an Entrepreneur and a Mom

A working mother teaches valuable life lessons by example.

A working mother teaches valuable life lessons by example.

Motherhood is a gift, but we often feel stretched beyond our limits as we strive to give all aspects of our lives their due. How can we thrive as business people while maintaining strong family bonds?

Don't waste time feeling guilty!

A 2015 study out of Harvard Business School examined the effects on children of having a working mother. The results are encouraging. Female children of working mothers are more likely to grow into women who achieve greater career success later in life, compared with girls whose mothers never worked outside the home.  Further, boys of working mothers are more likely to grow into men who help with household chores and take an active role in caring for family members. If these are outcomes we desire for our children, we need to stop feeling guilty about having careers and embrace the notion that being a working mother teaches valuable life lessons by example. 

Beware of the dangers of multitasking!

Sometimes, in our efforts to do it all, we attempt to increase our productivity by multitasking. It's an easy trap to fall into. We think we'll just check a few emails while we're playing with the kids at the park. Inevitably, we end up doing neither task well. For more information on why multitasking doesn't work, click here. If we're all in, wherever we are, we'll maximize productivity at work and be fully present with our kids, giving them the type of quality attention they need to thrive. 

Strive for progress, not perfection, in all you do. 

While the ability to envision the big picture is crucial for success in all aspects of life, focusing too much on perfect attainment of an end goal can lead to frustration and discouragement as the inevitable challenges of life come along. Instead, take the time to recognize and celebrate completing all those smaller steps that eventually lead to an end. Doing so not only helps us stay focused and accountable, to ourselves, and to others, but it also enables us to experience the intrinsic reward of a job well done. Further, it aids work-life balance by allowing us natural pauses in our work, encouraging us to come up for air and recharge with our families. For more information on the benefits of incremental goal setting, click here.  

If we apply flexibility and creativity to work-life balance, we can find unique ways to make it work. I am happy to chat about how you can work smarter not harder.

Andrea Silvershein