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"OMG, I was treating my business as a hobby and constantly making excuses and now I have a legit, professional business and the revenue to prove it. I feel so much more professional, presenting myself as the expert (which I know I am but sometimes need reminding and encouragement). Hiring Andrea was the best thing that happened to me and my business. I am so happy I had the gut feeling to see past the financial commitment and make this investment in myself and business. She can also sense when you aren't 100% on something and will always work through whatever it is with you until you get to feeling 100%. Her dedication is insane and unrivaled. 

I am grateful and extremely lucky that I found a coach who goes above and beyond and offers me the support I need when I need it.

If you are serious about your business, hire Andrea, you will not meet another coach who cares about her clients like she does."

Laura Sandberg

Let Laura Professional Organizer | www.letlaura.com


"I was at the beginning stages of my business but I had a lot of experience building up to it, just wasn't sure how to apply it to myself. I needed to polish my whole outlook on running a business. Since working with Andrea, my business has grown enough that I already hired my first employee to help me deliver my services in an effective manner since time was such a big issue for me. The calls always kept me one step ahead. I had to think about my business in a different way to make sure I was maximizing my investment with Andrea. I needed to know what to do 1-2 months down the line. Always thinking ahead."

Betty Galvan

MyFriend Betty, Social Media | www.myfriendbettysays.com

"My client base has nearly tripled in 1 year. I have a recognizable brand and support from those who know me. I am able to talk about my business with confidence and walk into any room and feel like I am speak on behalf of my business and how I got built it in just a year. After we started coaching, Andrea provided me with the confidence I never knew I had to do this on my own. It was never really something I thought could be a reality and I own a huge part of my success to her support. Coaching has been an investment I've made for myself and my business. "

Neela Asaadi

Asaadi Graphics | www.asaadigraphics.org

Kelsea Koenreich

TeamPro Science Wellness | www.teamproscience.com

" I was jumbled, scatter-brained and just knew that I was meant for something more. I am now valuing myself more and that is showing up in my business. My monthly income has increased and I am reaching a new level of clients and getting new opportunities that align with my dreams.Being able to have someone that guides me and wants to see me do well makes a huge difference for me. Andrea is so supportive and gives me ideas, tools and genuinely cares. I know I will succeed and I am letting go of the fear of the future for my business."

"Before we started working together I was struggling to come up with a direction and name for my company, I didn't believe I could do it and now the company is started and with her help moving ahead. I have a clear plan, know how things will be implemented and getting ready to serve the community in need of educational and personal growth. Andrea is a reliable, knowledgeable, supportive, passionate coach and mentor with guaranteed results. She gets things done!"

Irina Karbachinskiy

For the Greater Cause | www.forthegreatercause.org

JP Biz in Bloom.jpg

Jeanine Polizzi

Biz in Bloom |

“An idea that was conceived a year ago is coming to fruition in a fuller way than I imagined possible. The MastHERMind group has provided me with accountability to move my projects forward; support in facing my fears of doing something out of my realm of expertise; and insight from women of varying industries creating a wider lens to look at opportunities and challenges faced by a multipreneur.  I am grateful to Andrea and her intentional pairings to ensure I get what I need for my business while being able to freely and easily give back to the other women in my group.  In addition to our calls, the Facebook group has introduced me to a larger group of women all moving their businesses forward.  It is inspiring to see what everyone is accomplishing in the short time I have been involved.” 

“The MastHERmind call was great today. I wanted to let you know that after the call someone asked me what business I was in. I went through my new pitch we worked on and said she wanted my number. Another gal chimed in and said “wow that’s some elevator pitch” or something like that. I wanted to share with you your immediate impact.”

Christina Langdon

Mr.Handyman | www.mrhandyman.com



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