Work Smarter Not Harder, You don't have to reinvent the wheel

"Work smarter not harder!"

It may sound cliché but the saying is so applicable, true, and effective that one cannot ignore it. Being an entrepreneur today, one is compelled to be innovative and unique, but taking advice from what already works, or from someone who already knows the answers to the questions we have, is a good business strategy

Focus on prioritizing

To work smarter means that one does not waste time, energy, nor resources on tasks that are either insignificant or inefficient. If we focus on what our priorities should be then we are increasing our efficiency. Many new entrepreneurs tend to want to do everything themselves, and even though it's good to know all that is involved in our business, we cannot do everything ourselves and do them well. Often seeking perfection leads to procrastination and nothing gets completed.

"Time is money," resonates with entrepreneurs because often we are the business and our time is what we are selling. Though our business focus may not be explicitly on making money, a business will be successful only if it is profitable enough to stay viable. We want our work to be worth our time and using our brilliance on developing ideas and moving things forward, not wasting time doing what others can do better. Don't waste time trying to get done the things you dislike most, this is where you will get sidelined.

Getting things crossed off the list

Taking time to organize and evaluate what needs to be done is time well spent. When we  make a list of what we are able to do, and delegate to someone else what we cannot do, tons more gets done. Just because we are able to do something ourselves doesn't mean that it is best for us to do it. There may be professionals who dedicate themselves specifically to that one task; their undivided attention on that one task may be more effective to getting to completion.

 Crossing things off of the list serves as real time proof that we are making progress. And when we know that we are making progress towards a certain goal, it serves as motivation and creates space for us to spend more time doing what we enjoy and reaping the benefits of running your own business.

Neater space delivers a neater mind

One thing that should be high on our priorities list is having a neat work space. A neat space will give rise to a neater mind, and a neater mind can think clearer. Take advantage of transitions as a time to rearrange and reorganize your mental and physical space. Leave all the clutter behind.  Do some summer cleaning of your business while you rearrange your closets. 



Andrea Silvershein