Job-Shopping: Four Things to Keep In Mind

shopping lady.jpg

Getting a new job can be daunting and tiresome if you feel overwhelmed, burdened or stressed.

But sometimes simply changing your perspective can help turn the dreadful job search into a wonderful - even enjoyable - adventure, knowing you are taking the steps needed for a change.

Imagine going to the store for groceries. You wake up, shower, dress and head out. Once there, you park and walk into the store with your grocery list. You know exactly what you are going for and exactly what you want.

When you walk out, you have accomplished the perfect shopping trip. Why? Because you planned, executed and completed the task and now, you can go home happy and fulfilled with what you've done.

Shopping for a job is much the same way, with much the same feelings so why not treat your job search, like a shopping trip?

  • Prepare

Prepare for your career shopping trip the same as you would for your grocery shopping trip. Be sure you have a list of things you need and want, and take everything you will need to get it done. Allow yourself enough time to do everything in the smooth and professional way that you know you can. If you are rushed, you may walk out empty-handed because you are too frazzled or make bad choices.

  • Dress

Just as you would not go grocery shopping in your pajamas (well, typically), you don't want to go job searching in cut-off shorts and a mid-drift. Be sure you have dressed appropriately for the job you are seeking. 

  • Focus

Many experts say to avoid the center of the store because this is where all of the "junk foods" are. Things you don't really need. In the same way, you already know where you are going and what you are after. Be sure you stay focused on this goal as you make your way past the "junk" to your ultimate destination. Don't let yourself get distracted by "shiny objects",  remember why you are making a change and invest in making a smarter one this time.

  • Don't settle

Just as there are multiple brands of the same products in the grocery store, there are choices you can make, depending on what you are willing to accept or negotiate in your career. Stay aware that you are a qualified person who is an asset to the company and use this awareness to keep your standards high. You don't have to accept the first job offer you get. You are a valuable employee. Your time, attention and work are worth a lot. Don't jump at the first offer. Instead, shop around. If you find something you are intrigued by but it is not exactly what you want, try to negotiate

Job-shopping can be difficult and sometimes disappointing. Ultimately, your career is up to you and the more prepared you are, the more successful you will be. There are definite tools, skills and ways to present yourself that can shift your options. Stay open to new opportunities.

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