Your answers may be right at the Thanksgiving table

thanksgiving table is set.png

Some of your best resources could be right at the Thanksgiving table.

Part of the reason you can’t seem to move on from your “ok” job, could be that you have no idea what you really want to do.  Rather than making a rash decision, take the time to bounce some ideas off of those who know you best.  The holiday season is a wonderful time to reflect on your true motivations with the help of friends and family!

All around your Thanksgiving table is an audience you are comfortable with.  Ask everyone if they were to start over, what would their dream job be?  What other interests might they pursue utilizing their unique skill set.  Finally, push your family & friends to share what they believe to be your strongest “light” – their answers may surprise you…

The most difficult part of any transition is getting the conversation started (both internally and externally).  This holiday season, take time for a few honest discussions and you’ll be amazed at where they may lead!  Keep an open mind, explore opportunities, and the New Year just may start off with a plan of action.