Two Tools for Communication to Work on in 2017

“THE PAUSE” automatically leaves space to allow for “REFLECTION” -- two of our greatest communication tools.

These are tools that we can all work towards improving. The benefits are immediately recognized and as you integrate this into your everyday style of communication, your will see that others will react differently and you will feel more in control..not a bad place to start!

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Vix Reitano

Vix Reitano is a Social Media Strategist, Editorial Marketing Expert, and a Content Strategist and Creator. She appears on-air (NBC, CBS) to share the ins and outs of social media for brands, individuals, entrepreneurs and job seekers. She is the Founder and CEO of The CVM Group, a creative digital agency (6boro Social), an online training portal + 1:1 coaching for entrepreneurs (The OEE) and a content production house. To learn more, follow her on Twitter @vixinthecity and Instagram @vixinthecity.