transitional coaching


Are you unsure of what your next step might be?
Wondering how to navigate the path and create a plan?
Feeling alone and wishing you had an instruction manual for making a career change or choosing your first one?
Wanting to try something new but a lack of confidence is preventing you from taking action?       
Not sure how to take the skills you have and adapt them to a new field of interest?

Think about three months from now. You know with clarity and certainty what you want your life to look like. Your time is spent on more than just the "have to’s" but the "want to’s".

  You have the vision for your future and the plan to make it happen.
You have gotten the job you didn't even know existed that you love. 
You have identified what matters most to you and your natural gifts.
You feel more purposeful and having more fun in your life.
You are more comfortable networking and have identified a group of like-minded contemporaries.

Together we:
Take inventory of where you are today, focusing on what makes you happy and what you love doing most.
Figure out what’s working for you and what is not. Identify your strengths and make choices that allow you to shine. 
 Introduce new habits and best practices that help you sustain real change. 
Create a plan that will help you reach the goals you have set. Repackage your skills for what you really want to get.

Build the confidence that things can be even better and work on creating that shift.
Tap into innovative networking opportunities that feel right for you to expand your base. Keep momentum going with accountability that supports you.
See the possibilities and options that allow you to take some risks that you were afraid to try before.
Make sure you do not forget to have more fun in your life.

Contact me to discuss a CAREER QUICK-START tailored to where you are right now