meet Andrea

I am lucky to work with amazing women on a mission. As a business development coach and mentor for the past seven years I have worked with women, helping them make BIG choices about their careers and businesses. I have been involved in  start-ups as well as the growth of many types of businesses. My style is very direct and I am fully involved in many parts of my client's businesses. I am transparent about what has worked and what doesn't based on my previous client experiences. I have created tons of content and refined best practices that help my clients get to their goals faster and with a clear path. I am available to my private coaching clients between our weekly calls so that your businesses don't have to delay getting support. The best way to get to know me? Let's set up a call or read testimonials from some of my current and past clients, they know me best!

How can I help?

I  have seen and heard it all. Through the many roles and jobs I have had, a constant tenet has been my desire to give back and bring out the best in others.

I help my clients grow their businesses in a way that removes the pressure to have all the answers. We work together to identify options and new opportunities they did not see for themselves. Many of my clients are launching a new business or wanting to grow an existing one.  I provide the needed partnership filled with ideas, accountability and practices to make sure you meet your goals.

I work with women who are focused on seeing the possibilities become realities in their lives. I share simple tools and tactics that I know make a huge impact on how being a woman in biz feels, having more fun and more confidence. I meet my clients where they are. They are not slotted into a sequence or program. We figure out what you want and create the plan to get it.

I consider myself lucky to work with so many amazing women who have so much potential. The opportunity to help them live their lives and run their profitable businesses is what I strive for. My clients all know I am present and on their side. Because I am a Coach and a Mentor, I not only guide my clients, but do the work with them as needed. You will never feel alone when working with me. 



Let's set up a time to chat, so you can see how working together is really what you need to get going.

I use social media thoughtfully. I still prefer the old fashioned way to connect through a phone call, a coffee date or a handwritten note or email.