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Do you love being a "solopreneur" but sometimes wish you had a few officemates?

Are you a woman who takes her work seriously and wants to uplevel her "game"?
Do you wish you took more time for learning and kept more current on new business trends?

This group of women can be all of that and more. As a coach my practice focuses on supporting women launching, running and growing businesses.

Books will generate interesting discussions and you will always leave with new skills and habits to help you show up your best. There is amazing power when women come together to learn. New women join us each meeting, bring a friend and enjoy a great evening.

Consider joining my MastHERplan  coaching program that will provide you with proven marketing strategies, business building breakthroughs, reset your mindset, tons of new ideas and develop systems to improve your day to day and follow-up programs. I do not charge a fee for my book chats, I collect donations for a local organization that makes a difference in the community.

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Not only was it a discussion about the book, you challenged us to think how the main points were related to our struggles and how we could make changes! Thank you!