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Are you a woman who takes her work seriously and wants to up level her "game"? Do you wish you had more time for learning and kept more current on new business trends? This group of women can be all of that and more. As a coach my practice focuses on supporting women launching, running and growing businesses.

Books will generate interesting discussions and you will always leave with new skills and habits to help you show up your best. There is amazing power when women come together to learn. New women join us each meeting, bring a friend and enjoy breakfast and an insightful morning.

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july 18th @ 9:00aM


Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business

Danny Meyer shares the lessons he’s learned in his years in the restaurant business. From the opening night at Union Square Cafe to the evolution of Shake Shack, and everything in between.

His philosophy will help you become more effective and productive, while deepening your understanding and appreciation of a job well done and the dynamics involved in creating a community and customers that are your raving fans.

By clearly establishing your own business standards and expectations, you can work to create  a community of adoring customers that talk about and sell your business/services for you.

There is no charge to attend this Book Chat, but will be accepting donations for God's Love We Deliver, NYC

Do you wish you had a trusted group of advisers to help you with your business?
Missing the support of others when working as an entrepreneur?
Are you unsure what to prioritize and how to get going on your business goals?

The MastHERmind group can be all that and more for you.

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